🚔Protecting Your Wallets

Things to remember in order to protect your wallet

One of the best things about using a non-custodial wallet like Tidus is that you are in complete control of your assets and funds. We do not hold your assets on your behalf and we do not have access to any of your assets. This also applies when it comes to protecting your wallet and backing up your keys. We don't save or hold your keys for you so you will need to make sure that you are protecting your assets in the best ways possible. Here are some tips and tricks to help you protect your wallet.

Backing up your keys and phrase

When backing up your keys and phrases we recommend writing them down or storing them in a secure storage device that does not have access to the internet. This is to ensure that your keys do not fall into the hands of hackers or people that have access to your devices from time to time.

Your secret keys and phrases grant complete access to all the assets in your wallets, so make sure to NEVER share them with anyone and always store them in secure and offline devices or items.

Here are our recommended ways of storing your secret keys or phrases:

  1. Write them in a private book that only you have access to.

  2. Store them in secure flash drives that do not have access to the internet.

  3. Engrave them on objects and keep those objects in secure storage or hidden.

  4. Memorize them - This is only recommended for people that have exceptional memory.

Stay away from suspicious websites and web3 Dapps

From time to time we find ourselves browsing the internet in search of new and exciting projects or tools and during those explorations we often times find ourselves coming across scammy websites, suspicious links and projects that seem too good to be true, and most times when something is too good to be true it most likely is. Which is why we recommend staying away from those kinds of websites or web3 Dapps. The risks are far greater than the rewards so don't do it.

However, we know that there are a few of us out there that can't help but be inquisitive about somethings and just want to try them out even if that means taking a little bit of a risk. For these kinds of people we would advise getting a secondary wallet to try these apps and platforms with, that way you won't be risking the majority of your assets.

In addition we also advise against opening or downloading unverified or unrecognized files on devices that you have Tidus Wallet installed, as these files could contain malware that could compromise your entire device as well as your wallet.

Always report and share

If all else fails and you do end up falling victim to a scam or attack, make sure to share details of your experience with other members of the community and report it to the authorities if possible. These simple acts can save someone else from falling victim to the same thing, and it also helps in advancing security measures in the space leading to a fun and safer environment for everyone.

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