Multi-chain, Multi-layer Wallet for beginners and OGs

Tidus Wallet is a multi-chain non-custodial wallet that gives you full control over your assets.

Out of the box, Tidus Wallet offers users access to DeFi, Borrow/Lend, Staking, and NFTs across Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, Optimism, Base, Arbitrum & Bitcoin networks. Our educational partner Pentacle gives users a powerful library of fundamental information on any product offered in the Tidus Wallet suite.

The Tidus Wallet team believes the future of crypto requires an informed user base regardless of their net worth. Let's walk through the setup process of a new wallet.

Creating a Tidus Wallet Account

To start interacting with decentralized apps (dApps), we need keys to sign transactions on a given network. We can create a brand new set of keys or import existing ones. For now, we will generate fresh keys.

Public-Key Cryptography

Public-key cryptography is used in various networks to broadcast and sign transactions on a ledger. A basic cryptocurrency wallet consists of a key pair: a public key and a private key. The public key is used to receive assets, while the corresponding private key is used to access and authorize the spending of those assets.

Do not give ANYONE access to your private keys.

Step One: A Fresh Start

Tap 'Let's Go' to enter the wallet creation screen.

Entering a username and a password will activate the 'Create Wallet' and 'Import Existing Wallet' buttons. We are starting from scratch so tap 'Create Wallet'. Then tap 'Confirm' on the following screen to proceed to step two.

Step Two: One Seed Phrase to Rule Them All

Creating a Tidus Wallet account organizes your wallets across all supported networks with one unifying seed phrase, instead of having to copy and store seven other seed phrases.

Seed Phrase

A Seed (or mnemonic) phrase is a set of 12-24 words used to back up and restore a cryptocurrency wallet. It allows you to recover your wallet and access your funds if you lose your device.

The Tidus Wallet team CANNOT access your wallet or your data. All keys and data are kept on your device.

Step Three: Your Journey Begins

After tapping 'Continue' you will be brought to Tidus Wallet's home screen with an overview of your assets across all supported chains.

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