⬇️Importing to Tidus Wallet

Let's import a seed phrase into Tidus Wallet!

Tap the ⚙ icon on the top right of your Tidus Wallet app. This will bring you to the Settings page where your private information and preferences are stored.

Account Information

You'll then see various options:

  • Reveal Seed Phrases

  • Change Password

  • Reveal Private Keys

  • Import Other Wallets

  • Erase Wallets

Tap the 'Import Other Wallets' to import a seed phrase. You'll be prompted to enter your Tidus Wallet account password.

Tap the 'Submit' button.

Entering a Seed Phrase

After entering your password you'll be brought to the seed phrase input screen.

Select which network you are importing.

A Note on Seed Phrases

Seed phrases are human-readable outputs of your private keys, so the 12-24 word phrase format won't change from network to network.

Enter your seed phrases in the order you copied them. Once you've double and triple-checked the phrase you entered is correct, tap the 'Submit' button.

When you tap 'Submit' you'll be brought back to your network's screen while Tidus Wallet works to import your wallet.

Once you have successfully imported a wallet, the assets and values will change to correspond with the assets and values within the imported wallet.

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